New Tab Notes

Transform your new tab page into a clean, distraction-free notepad.

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New Tab Notes extension text editor inside new tab in Chrome
🔐 Full Privacy: Your notes are saved and synced by the browser! No account needed!

✨ Rich Text Formatting

Use rich text formatting with markdown and keyboard shortcuts.

🔄 Synced and Auto-saved

Securely stored in your browser, instantly saved and synced across your devices.

✂️ Copied Text Formatted

Copied text from websites and other sources will be neatly formatted.

📝 Save to Multiple Formats

Download your notes to Markdown, HTML or plain text formats.

🔍 Zoom Text and Customize

Customize fonts and adjust zoom preferences to your needs.

🌓 Dark and Light Themes

Toggle between Dark and Light theme modes.

Markdown auto format

Use markdown-like syntax to seamlessly apply formatting as you type, for example:

Keyboard shortcuts


NOTE: Make sure you click on "Keep it" button when opening a new tab after installing.

You can also install our Notebook extension which does not require you to change a new tab.

Click on Keep it button when installing New Tab Notes

Latest updates and changes


17 Feb 2024
  • New fonts added and font size support
  • Improved zoom and full screen option
  • Highlight text formatting added


15 Jan 2024
  • Export as Markdown, HTML or formatted text
  • Top toolbar added to extension


5 Jan 2024
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Sync notes across devices